Infinite Vibrations Nominated For Santander Competition Out of 2,000 Other Businesses

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The Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneur Programme 2020 

We are over the moon and very humbled to have been chosen for this fantastic opportunity. Hosted by Santander, the emerging entrepreneur’s programme will see ourselves go head to head with 83 other businesses from around the UK. Being 1 of 2,000 other business who we’re up to for potential nomination is a crazy feeling and we couldn’t be more grateful for this chance to showcase what we’re made of.

Representing The University of Huddersfield in this completion means the world to us and we’ll make it our mission to make you proud! Up to win are several cash prize grants of £25,000 and £15,000 as well as a fully paid intern.

It’s not all about competition though, as part of the programme includes an “accelerator” course in which we’ll participate in webinars, panel discussions and workshops; as well as the chance to meet other like-minded businesses who are making waves in their respective industries. We hope to make as many friends as possible on the way and widen our eyes to the larger UK young entrepreneur community.

The opportunity to be a part of this competition came from our enterprise placement year; in which we we’re nominated by the enterprise team – so a massive thank you goes out those guys!

The enterprise team run an alternative placement year, in which students can experience building their own businesses and enhance their entrepreneural skills. Back in 2019, we we’re delighted to have been accepted onto this enterprise placement year and with the help of the team we have created Infinite Vibrations into The Musicians Entrepreneur Agency.

This was a giant leap forward for us and a year down the line it has been an absolute joy to see our dreams of Infinite Vibrations come to life and to be able to make more of an impact to help musicians achieve their dreams too.

We encourage anyone who has a business idea to apply to the enterprise placement year. It has been one of the most influential and important years of our university careers and we have learned a plethora of skills. From writing business plans, creating marketing plans, applying for funding, developing our professionalism and so much more.

We’d like to give a personal thanks to the team, which is ran by Philip Clegg and over the year has included Bruce Macleod, Catherine Brentnall, Paul Gretham, Nicola Walker, Leigh Morland, Jake Mawhinney and Sarah Agar-Brennan. You guys are brilliant and deserve more recognition for what you do. You are a testament to what a fantastic placement year can be, and we will miss the entire experience of this past year.

Both the enterprise year and the emerging entrepreneur competition are funded by Santander, of whom The University of Huddersfield are partnered with. It is so great to see an organisation reaching out to help young entrepreneurs and aid in the development of Britain’s next generation of businessmen and women.

The finals will be held in September and we’ll keep you updated on all our progress along the way. Wish us luck and we can’t wait to get started!

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