D&B Producer VENTUS Combats Mental Health with his Debut EP

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After being featured by DJ Aria on Noisia’s farewell tour, VENTUS brings you his debut EP “The Pollyanna Principle.”  

Releasing on the 29th of May, on all major music streaming sites. Funds from the EP will be donated to Keep Real; A non-for-profit organisation which helps to combat mental health issues in music, who were recently recognised on BBC Radio Leeds. This comes after VENTUS suffered with his own mental health and wanted to make more of an impact to support other musicians who have struggled with their mental health too.  

VENTUS mixes the very best elements of neurojump-upminimal and jungle D&B into a filthy throwback to original breakbeat music, topped with modern producing techniques and bone-popping basslines. Featuring tracks such as: “Misanthrope” and “Gung Ho”. 

The Pollyanna Principle is the instinct to focus on the negative rather than the positive and to VENTUS it means creating something good from something bad. During his time producing this debut EP, VENTUS experienced many highs and lows. Drawing on this experience, he focused his negative energy on creating an electronic soundscape to describe his thoughts and feelings; whilst also being influenced by the music of ProdigyNoisia and Camo and Krooked

Now, VENTUS wants to give back to the community to help and inspire other musicians who are suffering with their mental health by donating funds from his EP to Keep RealKeep Real are a non-for-profit organisation that support better mental health through creative interventions such as live music events, workshops and a podcast. To donate to Keep Real and download The Pollyanna Principle follow the link here: https://bit.ly/2VzlpnX  

You can catch VENTUS performing The Pollyanna Principle via livestream on his Facebook page on the 29th of May 2020

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Notes to editor

VENTUS is a 22-year-old drum and bass producer from Sheffield. 

This release was supported by Infinite Vibrations. Providing VENTUS with career development advice, graphics and branding and press and PR services. We provide a range of support services that develop the professional skills of emerging musicians, enabling them to pursue independent careers in the music industry. 

The term “Pollyanna Principle” refers to the human tendency to focus on the positive and use more positive words and terms during a conversation. Generally, people who are mentally healthy and not suffering from depression tend to focus more on the positive than the negative, and they are prone to recalling more positive than negative phenomena from their memories as well. However, people with depression seem to focus on the opposite and view life in a more negative manner. 

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